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Faux fur upgrade – for our masturbators

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Furry Faux fur upgrade for our silicone masturbators.


Buy this upgrade to get the Faux fur skin for one of our masturbators.

LIMITED availability as of May 2023. We currently have one fur in stock (Mink Brown).

The fur is sewed down around the top and fastened with snap fasteners for easy removal.

Note: it is the “skin” only, you need to either own or purchase one of our masturbators in order to use it.

Tip: turn the skin inside out to use it as a soft masturbator :3

Use with Luna: https://feralized.com/products/luna-the-wolfess

25% discount when you buy more than one!

Note that the skin is hand-sewn so it may have some imperfections. It can be cleaned by hand or in a washing machine at low temperature. Be sure to close the snap fasteners first!

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Weight 150 g